GM Group can assist Your good self into every kind of repairs and/or transformation of your Ships. Our Technical department, including Naval Architect, Engineers, Divers and Steel specialists  might assist You in all needs.



We would like to present You some information about the brand new opportunity of Taranto Ship Yard which is now fully operational after big changes and improvements. The Shipyard is one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea and after more than a century of exclusive service for Navy is now open for Merchant Ships. The yard is fully fitted with piers, facilities and workshops. Together with facilities the Yard have docking capacity allowing to accommodate any size of vessels trading on Mediterranean Sea area and perform any type of work.


Present docking facilities:

Dry-dock Ferrati:       LxB = 212 x 20         

Dry-dock Brin:           LxB = 212x20

Floating dock no.2:     LxB = 140x21           Lightship up to 6000T

Floating dock no.1:     LxB = 140x21           Lightship up to 6000T

All abt wog


Since the Ship Yard facilities have improved production and services quality due to significant changes, both organizational and technical,  we would like to establish contact and cooperation with Your Company to offer special prices,  short delivery times and attractive payment terms.


Should you have any more queries please do not hesitate to contact us at any time convenient to you!